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Hello, welcome. I'm Richard Scott-Will-Harknett

I'm a professional coach and deeply experienced agile practitioner. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and work internationally. >>Online only for international work while COVID restrictions apply

I help people and organisations make change that matters: to positively face and thrive in changing situations developing resilience, confidence and optimism. 

See my service offerings below or find out more about my story below that.



Simply put, I offer two services and two programmes tailored to your context.

It may sound cheesy but, honestly, how ready are you for what's coming?

I use a wide range of communication skills and other techniques to provide coaching, mentoring and consulting services. Together we'll equip you and your teams with the tools for success and the resilience to thrive in an uncertain future.

In addition to the four specific offerings below, I host and facilitate workshops, trainings and seminars across a broad range of topics from individual effectiveness through to approaches for organisational redesign. Click through to arrange a time to share what's on your mind and find out if I might be of service to you. 


As a partner at Nomad8, I offer all my services through Nomad8


RSWH Mentoring

For those about to take or already in the role. Work at your pace, within your context and desired direction. You bring yourself. I bring over 12 years as an  agile practitioner and over 30 years of experience leading, training and developing people and teams. Prepare to breakthrough to new levels and gain the skills to keep you adding value as the world changes around us.


RSWH Coaching

It doesn't matter where you are now or where you want to get to, it matters that you focus and start. I create the frame but you own this programme. We work together to get clarity on your highest impact areas before moving to execution. This programme brings clarity and renewed focus, showing a path to contribute at a level you may not have realised you are capable of. 



RSWH Leading in adaptive Organisations

Preparing organisational leaders for the emerging future. Coaching successful individual leaders or the leadership team from existing practices to high impact servant leadership. Laying the groundwork needed by leaders across the organisation equipping them to embark on and lead a transformation towards an adaptive, agile enterprise. 
The lack of such a foundation throughout the leadership group drastically reduces both the impact and the probability of sustained success of any such change.


RSWH Consulting

Bespoke, targeted consulting engagements guided by a co-created impact canvas to focus on the changes you want to see. A blend balanced to meet your context of teaching, mentoring and coaching and get you and your teams to the next level. From individual productivity through team / multi-team dynamics to organisational governance and all the shades in-between. 

We'll work together to enable your teams to be more effective today and resilient and ready to adapt to what's to come. Tools, techniques and practices that suit you: I guarantee a cookie-cutter free approach.



Hello, I'm Richard Scott-Will-Harknett

About me...

This is a snippet of my story. It's here to give you some idea of who I am and why you would trust me. Inevitably there's a lot of "I have" - it's probably the only time you'll see me talk in that way.

I have been working with, leading and growing people and teams since 1985. I'm a certified Coaching Professional as well as a qualified and deeply experienced agile practitioner and coach. I've worked with startups, non profits and corporations. I've been a soldier, an entrepreneur,  employee and a manager. I've briefed UK government cabinet ministers and trained army recruits. I've worked with CEO's, leadership teams and run training for new interns. I have seen and dealt with both joy and misery including the unexpected death of one of my children. I have gone from being in a well remunerated job with a company car which had me weeping with despair before I could get out and go home, to now having joy and success in my work each day. I have learned how to overcome personal challenges without external support, like breaking from being a high functioning alcoholic to being alcohol free since 26th February 2015. I have learned how to deal with peak mental and emotional demands in varied contexts, such as dealing with counter terrorist operations under fire and the successful launch of new products within compressed timeframes. As a result I understand what pressure and stress are. I understand how to keep perspective, build resilience and deal with them all the while holding a positive and optimistic frame of mind. I understand what an uncertain future means at both an individual human level as well as for an organisation.

I have been married for over 30 years and have four children. We uprooted from UK in 2005 and moved to New Zealand without ever having visited previously. When not working with people like you or being with my family, I like to take solo walks when time allows: the more remote the better - though the last time I could do that seems a very long time ago. 

About working with me...

I offer every aspect of my experience and learnings to you in the form of two services and two programmes to select from. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients. You may be surprised to hear that my approach is to work with you as little as possible! In other words I am all about bringing self-sustainability for you, your teams and across your organisation. I want that for you as soon as sustainably possible.

I only work with people who are prepared to do the work of change that matters and where there's a mutual feeling between us of a full-on yes. Might that be you? Get in touch and let's talk about where you / your teams / your organisation want to go and find out if I can be of service to you.


Our greatest fear should not be of failure


of succeeding at things that don’t really matter

Francis Chan

LET'S TALK : change that matters

Physically: Auckland, New Zealand.
Available: globally online or online/ in person (fully vaxed) in NZ.

Get in touch to have an informal chat, learn more and see if there is a mutual fit. 

If I can't help I will tell you so up front and, wherever I can, I will also refer you to a trusted person who I believe may be more suited to your needs.

Get in touch...

What would you like to talk about?

Thanks. I'll get back to you soon.


Richard joined the Xero Auckland office relatively early in its journey and really helped us get some projects on track and thereafter played a big hand in forming the practices that have helped evolve the product development team to where it is today. Richard’s thinking was very influential to the values we have in the team and he has left a very positive legacy behind him.

Bradley Scott, COO FaceMe


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